Should I Update to iOS 10.3? iOS 10.3 Benefits and Downsides

Now, the latest iOS 10.3 is available for Apple users around the world and brings a series of new features, like Find My AirPods, new Apple File System, etc. Although these great new features in iOS 10.3 will let your iPhone iPad perform better, there still are some potential issues when and after iOS update, like iPhone battery drain, Wi-Fi dropping, and Bluetooth problems. In this situation, you may hesitate and think: should I update to iOS 10.3 or not?

In this post, we’ll focus on some benefits and downsides of iOS 10.3 update, to help you make a choice whether grab this iOS version or not.

Part 1. Some benefits of iOS 10.3 update

Apple adds some wonderful new features in iOS 10.3, and we talk below about some benefits for which you should have this iOS 10.3 upgrade.

1. Regain more available storage space on your iPhone iPad.

The new Apple File System (APFS) in iOS 10.3 replaces old HFS and optimizes your data storage on device, which frees up extra free space. And some Apple users noticed that available storage space became more after installing iOS 10.3.

Storage space before and after iOS 10.3 upgrade
Storage space before and after iOS 10.3 upgrade

2. Do more things with iPhone iPad

Some innovative new features in the latest iOS 10.3 bring you more convenience when using iPhone iPad. For example, you can easily find your replaced or missing AirPods with Find My AirPods, and use CarPlay added status bar to simply access the last used apps.

3. Fix some bugs and make your iPhone run more smoothly

With a set of feature enhancements, new Apple File System (APFS) and bug fix improvements, iOS 10.3 final version will make your iPhone iPad run more smoothly. And some users found some issues just gone and iPhone performs more stably after iOS 10.3 update.

“iOS 10.3 feels “snappier” because many animations were slightly tweaked & shortened, for the better. “

Part 2. Some potential issues of iOS 10.3 update

Although new features in iOS 10.3 are attractive, it’s noticeable for you that every major iOS updating comes with some issues and bugs, and there is no exception with this iOS. And below, we list some of problems that Apple users are encountering when and after installing iOS 10.3.

Now, you know better about some basic pros & cons of new iOS 10.3 update. And if your want to improve your iPhone performance, it’s worthy to give iOS 10.3 a try. But if your iPhone iPad is a little old, it’s better not to install the latest iOS, because this latest iOS may be not completely compatible with the old iPhone iPad.


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