iOS 10.3 Added App Compatibility Section in Settings to Check 32-bit Apps

In addition to the  notable new features of iOS 10.3 like Find My AirPods, New Apple File System, and Apple ID Profile Page, there is another new App Compatibility section included in iOS 10.3.

How to Check App Compatibility Screen in iOS 10.3

In iOS 10.3, you can find the newly added App Compatibility pane in Settings > General > About > Applications. Under this section, you’ll see a list of apps that may slow down your iPhone and will not work with future versions of iOS if they are not updated. Tapping one of the listed apps opens up its App Store page so you can check the app details like version number, the last update time and so on.

App Compatibility in iOS 10.3
App Compatibility Page in iOS 10.3

Apple May Drop 32-bit Apps Support in iOS 11

Back to the first beta of iOS 10.3, developer Peter Steinberger discovered an alert saying: “This app will not work with future versions of iOS. The developer needs to update it to improve its compatibility.” when launching 32-bit apps.

Therefore, we have reason to believe that the upcoming iOS 11 will drop support for 32-bit apps.

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