Should I Update to iOS 11? Everything You Need to Know

Finally Apple released its new operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We’ve already know many exciting new features in iOS 11 that let us do more with our iOS devices – especially iPad. But it is undeniable that there are also some bugs and issues in iOS 11. Thus, many iOS users may feel hesitate to install iOS 11 and revolve this question in mind: Should I Update to iOS 11?

Here in this post, we’ll show you the pros and cons of updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11.

Should I Update to iOS 11
Should I Update to iOS 11?

4 Reasons You Should Update to iOS 11

1. iOS 11 brings a bunch of new features

The most essential reason that attracts us to download and install iOS 11 is that iOS 11 has offered us a plenty of new features and functionalities. For example, redesigned App Store, Do Not Disturb While Driving, or P2P payment in iMessage (expected to be activated in later iOS 11 version), etc. In addition, there are also many exclusive features come into iPad in iOS 11, including Customizable Dock, new App Switcher, better Multitasking, System-wide Drag & Drop and more.

2. iOS 11 can optimize your iPhone/iPad performance

As what previous iOS update do, iOS 11 also brings general performance enhancements and security updates. To ensure that your device stays safe from any kind of security related problem, it is advised to update your iPhone and iPad to the latest iOS version.

3. iOS 11 gives you better controls over your iOS devices

iOS 11 gives Control Center a big update, which allows you to customize your own Control Center by adding or removing additional shortcuts. Another thing worth mentioning is that iOS 11 offers us personal storage recommendations to so you are able to have better iPhone/iPad space controls. It is not difficult to see, Apple has made it easier for us to manage iOS devices in recent years, and iOS 11 appears to give us more controls over our iPhone and iPad than ever before.

iOS 11 Control Center
iOS 11 Control Center

4. iOS 11 removes some unnecessary feature in iOS 10

In iOS 10, you’ll see the volume slider in the middle of your screen when you adjust the volume in local videos and some videos. This can be a little annoying sometimes. But in iOS 11, you will no longer see the volume slider on screen when you are watching a video.

3 Reasons Not to Update to iOS 11

1. iOS 11 May have some potential bugs

iOS often has some potential bugs when it first hit the market. So you may face kinds of issues like battery draining, Wi-Fi problems, app crashes, etc. Taking this into account, you can wait a bit before updating to iOS 11.

2. You cannot jailbreak your iPhone in iOS 11 in a short time

If you are using a jailbroken iPhone/iPad, the jailbreak tweaks will be wiped after you update to iOS 11. And currently, it’s unclear when iOS 11 jailbreak will be available. So if you don’t want to lose your jailbreak, don’t update your device to iOS 11.

3. iOS 11 may slow down some old iPhone and iPad models

Another to worry about is that iOS 11 may slow down the speed of iOS 11. YouTuber iAppleBytes published speed test videos comparing iOS 11 beta 1 and iOS 10.3.2 on different iPhone models, which shows the first beta of iOS 11 is incredibly slow. As Apple is keeping optimizing iOS 11, we can expect a better performance in the official version of iOS 11.


Overall, it is worthwhile to install iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad. Whether you decide to install iOS 11 as soon as it gets released, or wait for a couple of days before downloading iOS 11, you can check iOS 11 compatibility and follow this article to learn how to prepare your iPhone or iPad for iOS 11 Update: 4 things to do before updating to iOS 11 >

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