How to Fix iOS 11 Battery Drain Issue on iPhone iPad

The battery drain problem is one common problem people may encounter on smartphones and laptops. Of course, it also happens to iOS 11 users. It seems that there are some users destined to get the battery drain problems after iOS 11 update on their iPhone or iPad.

Since the betas of iOS 11, there were many users reporting the battery drain fast .

On following iOS 11 betas and Golden Master, Apple optimized the power management to fix the battery drain problem, but there are still complains on the bad battery life. So why the battery life drops so fast after an iOS update and how to fix iOS 11 battery drain issue?

Why the Battery Drain Fast after iOS 11 Update?

The iOS 11 update won’t damage the battery on your iPhone or iPad. Therefore this problem is not likely to be caused by iPhone iPad hardware issue. And the most possible cause is that the new iOS 11 consumes more battery life than the previous software updates. Besides, the abnormal activities of some apps may consume much battery life and make battery drop fast in iOS 11.

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Of course, you are suggested to check the battery health of your iPhone iPad with some free methods, especially you are using old generation iPhone iPad, such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These old generations may also get other update issues like iOS 11 running slowly.

How to Fix iOS 11 Battery Drain Issue?

If your iPhone battery performed well before iOS upgrade, you can downgrade iOS 11 and reinstall iOS 10 to get a better battery life. But meanwhile, you won’t enjoy the new features that iOS 11 brings, like Screen Recording and ARKit Apps.

So before uninstalling iOS 11, you can try some methods to save battery life on your iPhone or iPad. We’ve listed some tips to save battery life on iPhone iPad and you can hit the below post to get them.

How to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast After iOS 10.3/10.3.2 Update

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  1. I’m using iPhone 7 plus right now, with iOS 11. Usually, I just see 100% down to 90% around 1 hour. But after upgrade to iOS 11, only 50 minutes. Now I downgrade it to iOS 10.3.3.

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